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Jim Piatt's JK Hood Lift

Well, I haven't broken down yet and bought a JK.  I'm not sure when or if I will.  When Jim Piatt of hoodlift.com sent me an e-mail and asked if I had a JK, I told him I didn't.....but I knew a few local Jeepers that did.  He was looking for a review on his Jeep JK hood lift.  I could do that.  I called my buddy, Bob, and set aside some time during the weekend to do the install and take some photos.  Actually, I let Bob do most of the install work.  I tightened a bolt just so I could say I really did help. 

Bob had long ago seen the hood lift I put on my TJ and so he was really looking forward to getting one on his JK.  He was not aware that Jim and brought a JK version to market.  Bob's JK was a perfect candidate because since he was doing the install and it got messed up, it wasn't my fault <grin>.   OK....on to the installation.


Meet Bob, one of my local Jeep buddies.  It's my opinion that Bob really doesn't like reading directions.....and since I know Jim went to a fair amount of effort to write up some good ones for this project, I made Bob read them.  <grin again>  It was only fair....I think it was the least Bob could do.  To be safe, I read them too.  <big grin!>


With the hood propped open (it's the last time you are going to be using that prop rod so you might as well enjoy it), use a 10mm socket to remove the bolt as shown in the above photo (you are viewing this from the driver's side).


Note that there are left and right brackets for this first step of the intallation.  There are a total of 4 ball stud brackets and for this step, select the two brackets with both a large and small mounting hole. (the other two have small holes)  Select the bracket that positions the large hole toward the firewall while allowing the ball stud to face inwards towards the engine.  With the supplied spacer placed underneath the ball stud bracket, reinstall the bolt that was just removed.  While the bracket is shown in the correct position, I misaligned the spacer (above) so you can see it.


Bob laid the hood back against the windshield (he needed a bit more elbow room) and slipped the spacer back in position under the bracket.  He then proceeded to drill the other mounting hole with the drill bit supplied in the hoodlift kit. 


Using a 5/16" nut driver, the bracket was secured using one of the supplied screws and star washers.  Now that the first bracket was installed, Bob repeated the same steps on the passenger side of the vehicle. 

We were half way done with the install and it was time to mount the two remaining brackets to the underside of the hood.

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