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Tough Stuff Products Netz

MikeW and I had plans to hook up on Saturday.  It was wet outside.....enough that the folks living in Clarkdale had the local Verde River some 3 feet over flood stage.  We decided to not go wheelin' on account of rain.  <grin>

So....I showed Mike the Netz that I had put into the TJ.  He thought it was a pretty good idea (it seems the Tough Stuff Products folks are always coming up with good ideas) too.  Needless to say, when I told him I had a couple of left over Netz that I could not install, he took me up on the offer to put them in his TJ.


It didn't take Mike long to grab the cordless drill once he had the template taped in place for the Console Netz. 


The finished install, complete with a cell phone and something else that Mike had laying around in the TJ.  Hmmm....maybe I should have pulled the power inverter off of my console and moved it some place else. 


Mike also installed the Dash Netz.  This is the one that fits over the tray that everyone puts there sunglasses in....its the one that also lets your sunglasses fly out the passenger side windows as you make a hard left turn!  Not any more.  Mike opted to install the Netz over the dash mat (because he could).  As you can see, his glasses won't be sliding out of the tray any longer.  




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