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I get a fair amount of e-mail every week.  One of them this past week came from RonC.  He sent a short e-mail to tell me about a set of seat risers he had just received from Buchanan Precision Machine.  Seat risers?  Why do I need seat risers?  I got the web address from RonC and surfed over to Randy Buchanan's web site to check out these seat risers.  Before it was all over, I had exchanged several e-mails with Randy and also spent about 30 minutes on the phone with him.  It became very obvious during our phone call that Randy likes 4 wheelin'. 

Have you ever spent the day wheelin' and when you were finished, you noticed you had a stiff neck?  It happens to me way too often and after thinking about it, I know why.  I have a tendency to lean forward in the seat a bit and tilt my head up a little in order to better see past the end of the hood (or maybe I should say better see over the dash bar and the end of the hood).  As Jeepers go, I'm on the short end of the scale, but I found out from Randy that my problem is not all that uncommon.  The solution is simple, says Randy.....seat risers......and it sounded like a pretty good idea.  The seat risers arrived two days later (USPS priority mail).  When Saturday rolled around, I rolled the TJ out of the garage and grabbed a couple of tools to do the installation. 



The kit comes packaged with everything you need (except the Jeep and tools).  The risers are made from 6061 machined aluminum blocks and black anodized to match the factory seat frame.  Replacement mounting hardware, Grade 8 and Metric grade 10.9 bolts and washers, are supplied in the kit.  Install instructions are supplied as well. 



For once, I remembered to take a BEFORE picture when I started the mod.  Most of the time I finish a project and then remember that I should have snapped a couple of pics at the start.  Got it this time! 



Four bolts hold the seat to the body.  Three of them have a 13mm head on them and a ratchet works well to remove them.



The remaining seat bolt is a Torx-50 bolt.  If you don't have a set of Torx bits, you'll need them for this project....and for that matter, you'll need them for a other mods and maintenance work on your Jeep.  The TJ has Torx fasteners sprinkled all over the vehicle.  Buy a good set now and you'll get plenty of use out of them. 

With the 4th bolt removed, I moved the seat a bit and was rewarded for my efforts....a penny and a 25 cent car wash token!  Oh yeah, I was on a role now. 


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