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Safari Straps TJ Cage Nets


The best part installing the passenger side window was knowing it was right on account of the practice I had installing the previous one.   Same as the other side....no loose strap ends to flap in the breeze.


Each strap intersection is sewn in a boxed X pattern to ensure the straps won't be separating when the going gets tough. 

So what prompts a company to produce a good quality product?  I had to ask so I fired off an e-mail and played twenty questions with the person responding....Are you a Jeeper?  What kind of rig to you have?  Where do you wheel?  Does your dog ride in back too? 

I found a very friendly lady managing the e-mail in basket.  Yes, her and her husband do wheel their 4 door JK which is setup with 5.13 gears, 37" rubber, full skids, a Rockhard roll cage, sPOD to manage the electrics....well, you get the idea.  The Johnson Valley and the Dusy-Ershim provide interesting trails to run and the Rubicon Trail is on the agenda for this year.  And they have a nice big male Dobie that is pretty good looking....at least the photo I showed Syra got her pretty excited.  <grin>

Anything you take on the trail is bound to get dirty/dusty/muddy.  The nets are all machine washable but one is advised to not use the dryer after they come out of the washer.  Instead, you can either put the nets back on the Jeep (slightly damp) or toss them over the clothesline for a few hours and then reinstall them.   Given this info, those of you that are inclined to simply drive your Jeep to the car wash and spray it down, inside and out.....don't worry about taking the nets off.....just go for it.


I was happy to find that none of the buckles up top caused an issue after I placed my Viking top back into position.  I had some initial concerns about the hardware being underneath the top where it wraps tightly against the roll cage.  Not a problem. 


So there you have it.....everything back in place except for the Viking's side and rear windows.  Given the awesome weather we've been having, I ran around town over the weekend setup as shown above.  I even managed to look up a couple of friends to let them see it. 

In summary, I do believe that Safari Straps has a very good product available to offer their fellow Jeepers.  The fit and details are second to none and go a long way in demonstrating the quality of the product.  If you are in the market for a good set of nets, I don't see how you can go wrong with Safari Straps.

Update 5/9/2009:

Its been about 4 months since I put the new nets on the TJ.  ZERO complaints.  The straps have remained tight, the buckles have not slipped, and all is good.  As I said before, I don't see how you can go wrong with Safari Straps.  By the way, they have some other cool stuff on their web site.  I've added a couple of things on another page so check it out! 

Update 6/6/2009:

I was recently participating in an on-line forum where the topic was Safari Straps nets.  A person in the discussion was concerned about the gap at the tail gate and if his dog could slip through it.  I dropped Safari Straps an e-mail to inquire and received the following info:

About a month ago we added a new Extended Version for the JK's, which goes all the way to the tailgate. You can see pics on our website. A couple of days ago we designed the same for the TJ, it�s not on our site, but the concept is the same as the JK's., it covers the area between the roll cage and the tailgate using the rear tailgate bar. It works with the soft top on or off. When you put the soft top on, and the windows on, you just unhook the hooks from the tailgate bar, and leave your nets on. There�s no drilling. For the JK we offer it in all the styles, for the TJ we recommend only the long cage and cage, not window set.

I've stated in other reviews of other products that just because a company, in this case Safari Straps, brings a good product to market, that doesn't mean they can sit back on their laurels.  They need to continue to refine their product offerings in response to their customer's needs.  The above is a perfect example of how Safari Straps is doing this very thing.  Way to go! 




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