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I put the HI-Lift bar on the mounting studs and secured it in place with the two T-handles.  Yes, that will work nicely.  I decided to pass on mounting my current off-road lights (some rather LARGE 130W Procomp lights) on the light bar.  They would all but completely block what remains of my grill.  I'll have to hunt around for some smaller profile off-road lights and put them on the light bracket.


Given the way society is today (the part where someone else wants to steal the stuff you bought), I decided to try to secure the jack and hopefully eliminate someone relieving me of it while Lady was sitting in a parking lot.  I used a 12" length of 3/4" heater hose to keep the chain off of the powder coating.  (hey...the bumper is new and yes, it is the only good looking powder coating I have right now!)


By routing the chain as shown above, both major parts of the jack were now chained to the bumper.  Granted, the foot isn't, but if someone is going to steel that, I guess they really do need it worse than I do.

I would have to say that this install doesn't quite match the difficulty of swapping in a new tranny, but when it was all finished, I think it sure looked a lot nicer!  I plan on hitting Axle Alley this weekend.....maybe I'll get a chance to test it then!  From what I've heard, it holds up pretty darn well on the rocks.

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