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Update 01/18/2004:

Its been some time now since I put Troy's bumper up front and I thought I would pass along my thoughts on how it has done and also provide some additional info for you.


Troy has a security bolt for keeping your Hi-Lift jack in place.  It replaces the t-handle I had with something that resembles the head of a locking lug nut.   When I had Lady in to have the alumi-flex steering and long arm lift installation, he put a couple of them on my front seat and told me to ditch the chain and padlock....so I did!

While running a trail a few weeks ago, the passenger front tire slipped off the rock and I came down pretty hard.  Here is a short video clip from my buddy's camcorder showing just what happened



The bulk of the rock rash on the flare is from the hit in the above video clip.  It occurred mostly towards the front and the corner of the flare.  I was lucky to have Troy's bumper on when it happened.


The bang you heard in the movie was the end of the bumper hitting the rock.  Lost a bit of the powder coat but that was it.  I have no doubt what so ever that it saved the fender from folding in, as I've seen so many other TJ fenders do when getting into the rocks.  Yeah, the flare looks a little ruff, but I can live with that....and Troy's bumper too! 




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