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Teraflex CB Antenna Mount Kit

With the powder coating thoroughly removed from the holes in the mounting bracket, it was time to start putting everything back together.


With the bracket aligned over the three mounting holes (in the TJ's body) and the tail light assembly positioned against the bracket, the three mounting screws are inserted and tightened with the ratchet. 


With all three mounting screws tightened, Bob and I did a check on the amount of flex in the bracket.  Teraflex provides a fourth mounting hole in the bracket (circled in red in the above photo) and we were not sure if it was really needed.  While I have no problems putting holes in my TJ (it has dozens holding on the corner and rocker guards), Bob wasn't going to do it if the mount was stable. 

To get a better idea of real world conditions that the bracket might see, we put the antenna mounting stud in the bracket and then attached the antenna.  A couple of whacks to the antenna (similar to what it might see if hitting a tree branch) gave us all the info we needed.  We both agreed that the fourth mounting hole was needed in order to properly stabilize the mounting bracket. 

Speaking of antenna mounting studs, if you don't know how to properly install one in a mounting bracket, such as this one, here is an antenna stud mounting diagram that should help. 


Bob broke out the drill motor and an appropriately sized drill bit while I got a wrench to fit the mounting bolt that Teraflex provided. 


The new mounting hole is accessible from inside the rear corner of the body.  I might suggest that you pull back the carpet prior to drilling the hole.  (no, we didn't make a hole in the carpet)  The Nyloc nut was tightened in place and the bracket was as stable as it could be.  I've no doubt it will survive most anything that Bob will be throwing at it on the trail. 


With the bracket in place and the antenna mounted, the coax cable was attached to the mounting stud and a few minutes were spent tuning the antenna.  This is necessary since a new mounting location will affect the measured SWR.  If you are unsure of how this is done, here is some information on how to properly adjust a CB antennaRight Channel Radios also has a good antenna tuning procedure on their web site.  If you haven't checked out their site lately, do so.  I noticed they have a bunch of videos detailing many of their products.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth a thousand pictures, right? 

A few minutes spent putting away the tools and removing the old antenna mounting bracket made for a wrap on this antenna project.  I think it took us about 15 minutes....maybe a little more since stopped and snapped the photos for this write-up.  It is a very simple process and provides you with a good antenna mounting location.  This bracket puts virtually all of your antenna above the TJ's metal body.  You'll get minimal interaction (between the antenna and the body) and much easier antenna tuning compared to mounting the antenna on the bumper, as Bob had previously done. 




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