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TJ Fog Lamp Switch

Some of the folks like to keep the factory look and feel of the dash panel when doing their modifications. 

For those that want to add a set of fog lamps, using the factory fog lamp switch is certainly an option.  Unfortunately, the switch doesn't come with any wiring information.

I thought some of you may benefit from a wiring diagram for the factory switch.




Pin 1 = dimmer control (variable + voltage from dashboard dimmer)

Pin 2 = + 12 volt switched output (for your fog lamp control relay)

Pin 3 = +12 volts in (from battery or other +12V source)

Pin 4 = ground

Not much else to say about it.....it is pretty straight forward once you know what each pin is for.


Enjoy your Jeep and remember to TREADLightly! 




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