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High Output 14" LED Light Bar

illuminated LED light bar

The wiring was almost completed.  I used heat shrink tubing and my heat gun to provide an extra measure of protection for the crimped on terminal connectors I installed on the power leads.  With the new leads attached to the power center, I put the cover back on and flipped sPOD's switch for circuit #2 and the LED light bar jumped to life.....well, OK, it didn't really "jump" per say.....I had the mounting hardware snugged down pretty well.  But it did noticeably light up the interior of my garage even though it was a bright sunny day.  The above pic was taken of the LED light bar with the TJ parked in my driveway.  Obviously my camera really cranked down the automatic f-stop to get proper exposure for the pic. 


illuminated 14" LED light bar

Another pic snapped from the back of my garage.  I like the centered location of the light bar's position.  The mounting plate for my TBT bumper provided a perfect mounting platform for the light bar.  While I would have liked to have gone with a physically larger light bar, I didn't really want to deal with the extra work of fabricating a platform/plate that would handle the larger footprint.

After I read my camera manual (where did I put it?) and figure out how to take night time photos without a flash, I'll see about getting a couple more posted here (assuming they turn out). 

Well, that is about it for now.  You've seen how easily this LED light bar kit was put on the TJ.....and I know you can admit that even you can do it even if you've no prior wiring experience.  It is a very straight forward lighting project and as I said, a good one to get you started.  Check out the various LED lighting solutions available at Extreme LED Light Bars as they have a good variety of light bar and pod solutions with a good selection of styles and price range. 

Remember, be safe and remember to TreadLightly!




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