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Dash Mounted 12V Switch Panel

Hooking up the wiring was pretty straight forward and I won't go into much detail since 90% of the connections involve hooking up the ARB switches which is not what this write-up is about. 

I did recycle the two wires (+12 volts and ground) that powered the factory cigarette lighter.  With the ignition switch in the OFF position, I cut the plug off as close to the end of the wires as I could. (When the ignition switch is ON or ACC, there is +12 volts on the hot wire....you don't want to work on a live circuit.)  Using crimp on connects and heat shrink tubing, I made up a pair of connectors and attached the two factory wires to the power outlet circuit via the panel's power switch.


Next, the winch controller circuitry on the panel was attached to the existing in-cab wiring I had previously installed.  Darren was good enough to include a blank panel to cover the hole in the dash where the previous in-cab controller was located.  I think I might use it to hold the switch that actuates the air solenoid for my SwayLOC sway bar.  If not that, then I'll tie the SwayLOC solenoid to the ARB compressor power circuit.  When the ARB compressor comes on, the SwayLOC will switch to off-road mode automatically.

Update:  The SwayLOC solenoid's control circuit has since been connected to the ARB power circuit.  When the middle ARB switch (labeled "AIR") is actuated, the SwayLOC solenoid receives +12 volts so it too energizes.  Assuming the ARB compressor is up to pressure, the SwayLOC will unlock.


Here is a pic of the final product, installed and ready to control the ARBs, run the winch, and charge my cell phone, all at the same time!  It don't get much better than that. 

Contact 12voltguy.com for pricing details.  Darren can make you a panel like this one or with virtually anything else you might want on it.  His web site has a great selection to pick from.  Tell him I said Hello! 


Update:  02/16/2008

I got an update from 12VoltGuy today.  He's been busy this past week since I put the write-up here on the site and posted a couple of threads on some Jeep forums. 


He just finished this one today.  It has the winch control except that this one uses push buttons.  There are 6 toggle switches with LED indicators and a circuit breaker for each of the the switched circuits.  As you can see, everything is engraved with the function.  Darren installed a power relay to allow the RED fan LED to be on only when the switch is off.  That is the same functionality I used on my rear tranny cooler fan bypass circuit. 


Someone on one of the forums said they wanted to see what the back of one of the panels looks like....so this one is included so you can get an idea of how things are wired. 


Update:  02/23/2008



I got these two photos from KraigP who became the proud owner of the panel I mentioned in the previous update.  Looks pretty good.  I see that Kraig as installed a tranny temp gauge (left side of left photo).  Good idea to keep an eye on the tranny temp.....that is the worst enemy an auto has.




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