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TJ Rock Lights


I mounted a red illuminated rocker switch on my center console, just forward of the t-case shifter.  With a little help from my Dremel tool and a file, a nice hole was quickly rendered.  The wires tuck in nicely form the back of the console where I also route most of the my radio wires as well.  The speaker in the picture is for my Kenwood tri-band FM rig.   


This pic came out a bit dark.. My digital does not do real good under extremely low light conditions.  This was taken several hours after the lights were installed while making a night run through the desert. 

I don't make it a habit of rock crawling after dark.  However, Murphy's Law being what it is, someone in the group could easily suffer a breakdown and put your return trip way behind schedule, forcing you to drive through rocky sections of a trail.  It is one mod that is inexpensive to do and makes you more trail ready.

Update -  6/24/2001

After having the lights on for nearly a year now, I finally got around to installing the rear light.  I had wanted one of these since the initial install but wasn't sure if I wanted one or a pair of lights.  I was in the Checker Auto store picking up my new brake hoses and saw this $11 light and decided that would be perfect for the rear axle.


One of the things that had stopped me initially from putting on the rear light was an suitable mounting spot....or lack of one if you would.  While I was under Lady last week, I noticed a hole in the driver's side upper control arm bracket that would, with the help of larger drill bit, would provide a nice out of the way mounting location for the light.  The pic above shows the light in its new location.


This was taken on the trail last night.  Although the camera flash washes out the lights somewhat, you can see the ground lit up under the rear end.  




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