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Carefully push the two plugs together until the locking tabs snap into position.  OK.....time to get the sPOD and header mounted onto freshly installed mounting bracket  (oh....I forgot to ask.....Have you noticed how difficult this is yet?) 


From the hardware kit, remove four 1/4-20 screws and lock washers.  Position the sPOD header over the mounting bracket and  ensure the cable exits the header to the passenger side of the vehicle.   Leave some slack in the cable (behind the header) so that if you have to remove the switch panel from the header, you will have some slack to work with.

Loosely thread the four screws through the header and into the mounting bracket.  I used the bottom edge of the windshield frame and aligned the header to it while tightening the screws.  Be careful not to over tighten the screws.  The header should look nice and even with the windshield frame when you are done. 


Next came the sun visor relocation bracket that John provides in the hardware kit.  Using the two small screws supplied with the bracket, I screwed the visor mount onto the bracket as shown above.  The bracket is then attached to the windshield frame using one of those Torx-40 screws your removed earlier.  In my case, I had to remove a small amount of the plastic visor mount as it touched the sports bar a bit which through off the hole alignment.  I removed about 1/8" of plastic from the visor mount using a small hobby rasp....just about anything will work to produce adequate clearance.  Don't get carried away....clearance it a bit and then check the fit, repeating as necessary. 

The other end of the sun visor is parked in a slot on the sPOD switch panel.  Once I had that end of the sun visor in the slot, I tightened the Torx-40 screw to keep everything in place. 


Repeat the same process on the passenger side sun visor.  I had to clearance the visor bracket a small amount on this side too.

The sun visors now contact my TBT sports bar a small amount as I swing them up and down.  It is not enough to cause any issues.  Such things can happen when one starts applying multiple mods to the same area of the vehicle.  Neither the sPOD nor the TBT sports bar are at fault as both of them allow unobstructed operation of the sun visors when the other is not present.  I often tell people that there is no such thing as a bolt on mod.....TJs are not precision built (yes, there are significant variances in some dimensions) and when we wheel them hard enough, the body and frame will flex and tweak a bit, and these things can be expected.  Hey.....you own a Jeep.....not a BMW.  Grinding, drilling, sawsalling, welding, plasma cutting.....it's all part of getting your Jeep just like you want it.


I haven't routed the control cable down the passenger's side of the windshield frame in this photo.  I did want to show you what the sPOD looks like after the install is complete.

The sPOD install was painless and relatively quick.  I say relatively quick because I use about double the time the average person would use (as I do on most of my installs) since I am always taking photos and making a few notes for later reference.  If it's a greasy kind of project (like servicing your Warn hubs), it takes me three times longer due to the frequent hand washing.....heah, I really don't care to give my Canon digital a lube job. 

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