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sPOD and The Source

The control cable needs to get through the firewall in order to attach to the Source.  A 1" grommet is supplied to protect the cable from sharp edges.  I rummaged around in my non-tool tool box (that would be the one that doesn't have wrenches, sockets, ratchets, etc. in it) and found a few hole saws.  Two of them were for 1" holes and one of those hadn't even been used yet.


This is one of those steps where I wanted to make sure I was putting the hole in the correct location the first time.  Measure twice.....heck, measure a dozen times and drill just once!  With the carpet pulled back from the passenger side floor board area, I decided on the spot for the hole.  I checked for adequate clearance on the engine side as I didn't want to drill through and into a blind spot or something on the other side.  My spot looked clear so I chucked up the 1" hole saw and went at it.  About 10 seconds later, I had a nice clean hole right where I wanted it. 


Small cable ties are supplied, along with self adhesive mounting pads, for securing the control cable.  I wiped down the area with some isopropyl alcohol I keep in the garage for such things.  You won't get good adhesion on a dusty/oily surface.  I put three of the pads along the windshield frame adjacent to the rubber molding that holds the windshield in place (see red circled areas).  I put the remaining pad at the top of the windshield near the area where the control cable exits sPOD. 

It took a minute or two to snake the cable down through the corner of the dash and out along the right side of the glove box.  This keeps it out of site and well protected and puts it into a good position to go through the firewall hole.


With the control cable routed through the grommet lined hole, I decided there was just a little too much of an air gap in the grommet.  Some blue (any color will work) RTV was sitting on the shelf and a few squirts of it did a nice job of filling up the hole.  Should I ever need to remove the cable, the RTV can be easily removed.

The sPOD is pretty much installed now except for hooking up the cable which is now on the other side of the firewall.

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