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'05 Water Pump Replacement


Step 10: Remove the temperature sensor wiring from the thermostat by squeezing the connector and pulling it.


Step 11: Remove the two thermostat housing bolts. Note, one is longer than the other. Use a 13mm socket.

Remove the housing and set aside.


Step 12: Remove the water pump pulley by removing the previously loosened 4 bolts. Set aside.

Step 13: Remove the heater hose from the water pump as was done previously on the thermostat.

Step 14: Remove the lower radiator hose from the water pump the same way.


Step 15: Remove the water pump 13mm bolts.  There is one that is a longer bolt.  As I removed the bolts I placed them in a piece of cardboard in the same location as they were on the water pump.  This makes bolt placement on install easy.


Step 16: Remove the pump from the engine.

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