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The K&N Filter is History!

More than a year ago, I decided to remove the AirAid adapter and K&N filter and go back to the factory air box and filter.  A local Jeeper offered to buy it as he needed it for some project.  Anyway, it is now history.  I had read enough reports and from personal experience, saw the amount of dust that an unprotected K&N filter was letting through (hence the filter bag on the K&N). 

Today, I was doing a tune up on the TJ.  I was near the 66K mile mark and thought it would be a good idea to do some maintenance on the ignition components and clean up the throttle body a bit. 


I had never bothered to check the other end of the factory air tube when I had discovered the dust getting through the K&N filter.  The above pic shows the remains of the dust that had accumulated in the air tube from the K&N. 

You know, it is pretty bad when the inside of the air tube is dirtier than the outside.    Enough said......




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