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Relocating the TJ Stock Air Filter Box

(1997 TJ 4.0L with AC)



The following write-up was done by Frank (aka., Daless2 on www.JeepsUnlimited.com ) to document his OBA project on his '97 TJ.  I asked Frank if I could post his work here since I thought he had done a nice job of documenting the project....and he agreed.  He also told me I could make any changes I thought were necessary.  Those changes will basically result in me trying to sync the right picture with the correct piece of text so you all don't get too confused.  I've tossed in a few comments here and there to make things flow along from one page to the next.  So, with that out of the way, I give you Frank's directions on "How to relocate your TJ stock air filter box so you can get your York compressor installed (and can keep your snorkle at the same time too!)".  

Note:  It is my opinion that you can use these directions to simply relocate the air box, even though you don't have a snorkel to contend with.  Obviously, you will be able to omit some of the steps.  Which ones?  I leave that up to your problem solving skills!


The Problem:

My stock air filter box and Safari Snorkel do not allow room to install a Kilby/York On Board Air (OBA) system in my 1997 Jeep TJ Sahara, 4.0 L, with Air Conditioning.


The Solution:

Relocate the stock air filter box.


Design Requirements:



I run a Safari Snorkel on my 97 TJ Sahara (4.0L with A/C) for three reasons:

  1. Precaution against sucking water into my engine
  2. Provide cold air to the engine
  3. Breath much cleaner air when off-roading

This setup requires that I use the stock factory air filter box (with a K&N flat filter). While this works great, the factory air box location prevents me from mounting the Kilby/York OBA system that I so badly want to install.

For months I have experimented with making various (7 total) homemade air boxes to fit around a K&N cone filter and connecting them up to the Safari Snorkel.  All worked, but each had its drawbacks, and none met all of my design requirements until I came up with this idea.  Why not modify and relocate the stock air filter box?

Here is the write-up of what I did. Hopefully it will be of benefit to those who have an interest in doing this for themselves.


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