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Once fitted to the inside of both air tube parts, place two 4-inch stainless steel hose clamps on the air tube and assemble into one piece. Leave the clamps loose at this time.

Place the air tube into the engine compartment and clamp the 90-degree end down on the throttle body. Rotate the bellows end until you get the best alignment position to the new air outlet horn and clamp the tube to the horn.





Mark the two halves of the air tube where they meet at the joint and then remove the air tube. Disassemble the joint and coat with RTV. Reassemble the joint and adjust to the alignment marks, then clamp the tube at this location with the 4-inch stainless steel hose clamps.  Connect your snorkel to the lower air box inlet horn.

Fill all remaining holes in the bottom of the air box with RTV and let it dry.  Put a filter in the air box and replace the top.

Install the shortened air tube and connect the PVS hose.  Remove all tools from under the hood and start your engine. Check for clearance, rattles and vibration. All should be fine.

Break open a beer, sit back and admire your work. You�re done. Next project? Mounting the Kilby/York OBA system on all that newfound real estate under your TJ hood.

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