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I have a friend who owns a measurement / testing lab for use in the auto industry. I went back to his lab barrowed remote temperature measurement tool as I have before.  I ran a full set of tests on four (4) different air intake systems for my 97 TJ.

I was able to measure the outside air temperature and the temperature of the air entering the Throttle Body at a location about two inches above the throttle body inside the air tube.

My objective was to determine the actual air temperature entering the throttle body, particularly in regard to the newly relocated stock air box connected to my Safari Snorkel.

Relative Humidity was a constant 75% during these tests.

Test Measurements:

Temperatures were taken as follows with each of the four air intake setups:

      1. At standing idle - 5 minute idle with hood closed
      2. During a 5 mile drive at 35 MPH (same trip each time)
      3. During a 7 mile Highway trip at 65 MPH (same trip each time)
      4. Outside Air Temperature
      5. Relative Humidity (From local weather forecast)


Intake System descriptions:

Intake 1 = Safari Snorkel to Stock Air Box with K&N flat filter in STOCK LOCATION

Intake 2 = Safari Snorkel to Stock Air Box with K&N flat filter in NEW LOCATION

Intake 3 = STOCK AIR BOX, in stock location with only K&N flat filter NO SNORKEL

Intake 4 = K&N Round Filter on Stock air Tube (RU-0960) NO SNORKEL


Test Results:



My testing certainly is not scientific but it is as accurate as I am able to produce with some topnotch equipment.

There does not appear to be any significant change in air temperature with the stock air box relocated to the new position sucking air through the snorkel. I view this as goodness.

What I find really amazing are the significantly higher air temperatures for the K& N air filter sitting stand-alone on the end of a stock air inlet tube.

Instinct tell me this set up has to be breathing more freely, but the measurement say it's breathing much hotter air from inside the engine compartment. This may not be goodness, I don't know.

I believe colder air is denser and packs more punch when mixed with the same amount of fuel then hotter air would. However, I can't say I notice any significant performance improvements between the snorkel attached air box and the stand-alone K&N filter setup.


This document is being out into the public domain. Everyone and anyone are welcome to copy any part of this document or this idea. Improve on it, make it better and share it with the rest of us.

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