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Section One - Removing stock air intake system


  1. Remove the stock air tube by loosening hose clamps at the air box and over the throttle body. Pull the PCV hose off the air tube and then remove air tube. Place it on your bench; you will be performing surgery on it later.
  2. Unclip and remove the top of the air box. It too will be scheduled for surgery.
  3. Remove the flat filter. (If you are not already using the K&N flat filter now might be a good time to make the investment. The part number for my 97 TJ 4.0L is 33-2018) Set the filter aside where it won't be damaged or get dirty. It will go back in when you're done.
  4. Remove the bottom half of the air box. It is mounted to the wheel well using three 10 mm bolts going down through the fender well and attaches with three 10mm nuts inside the wheel well. Remove the nuts from inside the wheel well while holding the bolts with a wrench inside the air box. (These bolts are actually attached to air box by threaded spacers that you can't see until you take the box out.)
  5. Remove the stock Air Inlet Horn from the lower half of the air box. This air inlet horn is "keyed" to the box. Rotate it slowly and you will get to a stop where it will just pop out. You will NOT be reusing the stock air inlet horn.
  6. Remove and save the three bolts and threaded spacers from the bottom of the air box. You will reuse two of these when we put the air box back in its new home. (DO NOT remove the rubber mounts that these bolts go through in the bottom of the box.)

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