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Section Three - Fabricating the new Air Horn Inlet Tube

You will be using the Ridgit Brand Shop Vac Dusting Brush Attachment to fabricate a new air inlet horn in the lower air box. The Safari Snorkel will clamp directly up to this part.

I would imagine you could also attach an air inlet hose here as well to use the Hellbender snorkel under the front cowl, but I can�t guarantee this. You could also just leave this air inlet horn open if you do not use a snorkel.

Note:  I do not know what type of plastic this part is made of, as there are no markings on it that would provide a clue. I have however tested its ability to withstand the under-hood temperatures. I did this by wiring it up on top of the intake manifold and drove around for a week with it there. I could not see any change to the part as a result of the heat it was exposed to.

Take your Ridgit Brand Shop Vac Dusting Brush Attachment and pull the bristles out of it. They are mounted on a metal ring that slips into a U-shaped channel. You should be able to pull them all out as a unit with a pliers.



Do you see the U-shaped channel where the bristles used to be mounted? You need to trim both the inner and outer sides of this U-shaped channel back to about 1/8-inch tall. This is to help prevent any unnecessary airflow restriction. I used both a hacksaw and utility knife to do this. (This doesn�t have to be perfect. Just make them smaller.)



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