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Section Six - Mounting the Air Box under the Hood

The modified air box will now be rotated 90 degrees clockwise and mounted to the inner wheel well behind the factor air compressor. You will need to fabricate one support bracket and drill two holes.

Please note that it is beyond my ability to make a template for where these two holes need to be drilled. The surface area on the inner wheel well is concaved, convexed and convoluted all at the same time! However, if you follow these directions I am sure you will be successful.

Refer to pictures Template, MountHoles, MountingBolts, and MountingInside and TrialFit.jpg for this section of the instructions.



Fabricate the mounting bracket from your 5-inch x 1-inch x 1/8-inch thick aluminum stock. See picture template.jpg for a template and measurements for this bracket. Drill hole in the bracket where indicated on the template drawing.  You will need to bend this bracket slightly in the center approximately 10 degrees. Get it close. You will adjust this bend later.



Mount this bracket to the bottom of the air box through one of the original rubber mounts.  Use the original mounting screw and nut, but not the threaded spacer. Hand tighten the nut.



Place the air box bottom in position behind the factory air compressor. (This is its new home.) Swing the bracket you fabricated out until it extends to the top of the shock absorber tower. (Near the large shock absorber access hole.) Position the air box so that it clears everything and then bend the bracket so that it fits flush on top of the shock tower. 

Mark the spot on top of the shock tower where the bracket hole is centered. You will be drilling a hole here.  Remove the air box and use a center punch to better mark where the hole should be drilled. Drill the hole. Be sure to paint the edge of this hole to help prevent rust.  



Put your air box back under the hood and mount the bracket using the bolt and nut and hand tighten.  



Clip the upper air box to the lower air box and check for clearance. If you need to adjust you can bend the bracket or elongate the bracket-to-wheel well mounting hole.  Once aligned and clearance is verified, remove the upper air box. Look inside and you will see a factory "Drain Hole" in the corner of the air box where it is contacting the inner wheel well. Mark the wheel well through this hole. You will be drilling the second hole here. 


Remove the air box and use a punch to better mark where you will be drilling the hole. Drill a hole at this location.

Take one of the original air box mounting bolts and place it through the drain hole in the air box from the inside. Thread one of the original spacers to this bolt from the underside of the air box.  

Place the air box into position in your Jeep and slide the bolts into the two holes you drilled.  Tighten all three nuts down (two in bracket and one in air box/fender).  Clip the top ofthe air box on and check that nothing is hitting or rubbing.  Adjust as necessary. My installation clears everything, including my under hood Hi-Lift Jack.


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