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Installing the slightly longer AW4 tranny means the transfer case is shoved rearward the same amount.  Doing so gets the transfer case shifting linkage out of sorts with itself.  You need to fix it.  I opted to keep the same bracket and drill a couple of holes in it.  The above photo is of the t-case shifter bracket.  It is bolted to the driver's side of the tranny tunnel, about even with the transmission shifter.  I drew the arrow on it because I got it turned around (once removed from the vehicle) and made a set of holes toward the front (DOH!) instead of the rear.  So I thought I would emphasize just which way the new holes need to be drilled.  This is a "Do as I say, not as I do!" reminder.



If you pull back the carpeting on the driver's side of the tranny hump, you will see the 4 mounting bolts for the t-case shifter bracket.  Remove them. 

Now back to the bracket on the under side of the tranny tunnel.  Remove the two bolts that hold the small pivot plate in place.  The pivot plate is what the shaft goes through.  It is this pivot plate that must be moved. 



The enlarged hole was one of the tapped holes that previously held the pivot plate.  Drill it large enough so that the pivot can move without interference.  I did not bother to tap the new hole.  If you do, you'll need an 8mm tap.  I just used an 8mm bolt with a nut on the back side.  Use a large washer on the back side for the large existing hole.



Here is the pivot plate, bolted back into position.  NOTE:  I drilled the holes at the wrong end of the bracket.  Make sure you get yours "relocated" at the other end of the bracket.  I hate it when those senior moments come. 

When you have the pivot plate back on the bracket, bolt the bracket back onto the side of the tranny tunnel and reassemble your t-case shifting linkage. 


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