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AW-4 Transmission Swap


I drilled a hole into the front of the tranny pan and Troy welded a bung into it.  The Auto-Meter tranny temp sensor, which happens to be 1/8" NPT, is then screwed into the bung.  The interior clearance is good in this corner.  Given the depth of the sensor, this is about the only spot in the pan where it can be mounted.  Other choices for monitoring tranny temp include installation of a temp sensor in either of the two ATF fluid lines.  When this is done, the exit line (hottest fluid) is normally used. 



The Auto-Meter temp gauge requires a 2 1/16" hole for proper mounting.  I removed the power switch that was used for my rock lights and donated the space to the temp gauge.  I figured that finding another spot to mount a power switch was going to be easier than finding a different spot for the gauge. I used my Dremel tool to cut the hole in the console. 

I set the gauge up with pigtail connections, about 6" long, so I could more easily disconnect the wiring from the gauge should I need to remove the console in the future.  It beats getting ones fingers up behind the plastic to disconnect the wires. 


A photo of the gauge installed in the center console.  Auto-Meter supplies a light assembly for the gauge.  You get your choice of red or green illumination.  I chose red....looks pretty good at night.

For gauge power, you need to tie into an ignition switched circuit.  In other words, the circuit goes live when you turn the ignition key to the on position.  I opted to use the switched 12V circuit that is available behind the glove box on the early model TJs.  I didn't feel like running a separate wire for dimming the gauge light so I tied it to the 12V switch circuit as well. 


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