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Speaking of fluid hose, I am using Parker Hi-Temp Push-Lok synthetic hose, type 836-6.  It is rated at 250 PSI and 300F which is adequate for the pressure and temperature that the tranny fluid should produce while they flow around the TJ in an attempt to get cooled off.  I was originally going to use steel braided hose (at least before I walked into the speed shop) but after discussing my application with one of the resident gear heads, I opted to give this a try. 

My initial hose selection was totally based on abrasion issues that may be seen in an off-highway application.  The gear head told me that while that is something to consider, the regular steel braided hose that I was considering was constructed using a natural rubber inner material, which will crack and rot down the road.  The inner liner of this hose is extruded synthetic rubber and is surrounded by a fiber braid reinforcement layer, also impregnated with synthetic rubber.  The elastomer covering provides very good flexibility and resistance to abrasion.  In fact, this 3/8" diameter hose provides for a 3" bend radius.  The price was reasonable enough at $3.50 per foot. 



Once the hose selection was made, it was time for some fittings.  Since it was my intent to plumb everything with AN fittings, I got some -6 straight and 90 degree fittings.  The Russell part # for the -6 fitting is 624010. 


While the Russell Twist-Lok straight fittings were under $6 each, the 90 degree fittings pounded the wallet at more than $15 each.  OUCH!  The Russell part # for this fitting is 624160.

There are obviously other options you can take in regards to your cooling setup.  NPT hose barbs with regular transmission return hose is a much cheaper route than I took.  But I wanted easy screw on/off fittings for maintenance purposes.  As I write this, nothing is installed and I may find that my cooling configuration doesn't do the job.  Rerouting hard lines is virtually impossible once it is bent....the same is not at all true with the components I have chosen. 

I will also mention that I did not shop around for the best price for the AN fittings.  Comparing those I purchased at the speed shop to a couple of on-line stores, I found that no one vendor had consistently lower prices.....the 90 degree fitting cost less from vendor A but the straight fitting was more.  One thing to remember, if you want to shop around for the best prices, make sure that the shipping charges from multiple vendors doesn't negate your savings.


And just for the record, not all AN fittings are expensive.  These 1/2" NPT to -6AN fittings were just under $6 for two.  (It makes it a little easier to absorb those $15 fittings.) 


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