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The connections going to the black PCM connector were done in the same fashion as the gray connector.  The white and black plugs share the same main wire harness and it is quite a bit larger than the harness going to the gray connector.  As such, you have to dig through the wire harness a bit more to find the correct wires for the splice.  I  removed the plastic loom material for about a foot and stripped off the tape so I could access the wires.  I used the ohm meter to ensure I had selected the correct wire, then cut it, stripped it back, then soldered the splice wire.  As before, heat shrink tubing was used to seal up each connection. 



With the splices all complete, I used electrical tape to patch up the area where I had to remove the factory wrap on the wire harness.  I also taped together the sliced wires where they came out the TJ wire harness.  From here, they go to a couple of connectors that turn this into a plug and play setup. (more on to follow)  Take your time and it should come out just fine. 

When we built the AW-4 harness for ScottK's TJ, the connections were made directly between the two harnesses.  While this worked and was very reliable, it made it difficult if you wanted to isolate a wire for troubleshooting purposes.  Likewise, if you ever had to remove the AW-4 harness for some reason, it meant you had to go in and either cut or unsolder the wires from the TJ harness. 


I wanted a little more flexibility in my configuration.  A visit to the local Radio Shack store provided just what I needed.  I purchased two pairs of connectors, a 9 pin male (# 274-229) & 9 pin female (# 274-239), and a 6 pin male (# 274-226) & 6 pin female (# 274-236).  I would use the 6 pin connector to make the CCD + and - and SCI transmit connections between the TCU and the TJ.  Since ScottK determined these cause the check engine light to illuminate when you use the shifter, this plug will normally be disconnected.  If I want to to query the TCU with the OBDII scanner, I can connect the two plugs.  The 9 pin connectors will be used to connect the remaining wires from the TCU and the transmission range sensor (gray plug). 

Note:  The above plugs are those referenced on pages 4 and 5 of the wiring list. 

Note:  I originally bought a 4 pin male & female connector, but the male connector came with the wrong diameter pins.  As such, the two connectors would not plug together.  So, it was back to Radio Shack to exchange them for the 6 pin versions.  I'll have three unused pins in the connector.


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