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AW-4 Transmission Swap

Temp gauge and console:


My 97 did not come with an air bag defeat switch. I picked this one up from ranger rick a few years ago but never wired it into the airbag harness. It proved to be more useful as a pod. I really like how it turned out.

The green LED shows that the electric fan is switched on from the pod on the dash. The red LED tells me when the fan kicks on. I got to tell you I am proud of this one.

In the above picture you will also see an XJ shift pattern in a TJ bezel. I took both bezels apart and made one with the pieces I needed. The XJ bezel did not fit into this console.


The console did not fit with the XJ shifter. So I had to help this shifter along and make a bracket extension for the mount to bolt up on. I found many little things like this along the way.




I tried a few different configurations of pedals in my TJ. I started by removing both the TJ pedals and bracket and replacing it with the XJ automatic brake pedal. It turned out to be too high and too short so I took the TJ pedal and put it back in. I know it looks lonely there and many have just welded the clutch and brake pedal together rather than deal with the pain of getting that bracket off the firewall.

I think it is a cool innovation but I wanted more room down there. We will go with it for a while to see how much I like it. It's been that way since May of 96, why change now?

Note: I would not have been able to use this pedal with the XJ bracket if I didn't have the bushing out of the auto brake pedal's pivot.

More wiring:


When I started the swap I decided to go through anything that got in the way and do it right. Much of the wiring on my jeep is top notch. It hasn't always been that way in the past so I went along and erased any of my wiring sins and replaced - rerouted anything that was not up to my current standards.

One neat thing I added was a keyed fuse panel. By using a relay and a trigger wire from another keyed circuit I made room for the cooling fan and gauge power.

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