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AW-4 Transmission Swap

The coolers:


Right here I was test fitting the power cooler. I put it on rubber mount and made some extra space above it.


Here it is in place with the hoses hooked up. I still want to run some hard line but I am sure this hose will do just fine.


Here is the smaller cooler. It is mounted on two 14 gauge brackets welded to the Clayton cradle.

AN fittings were used everywhere. No leaks!



Day 22. I get to drive it!

As you have seen, I did not go into every detail. I really wanted to show some things I did that were different than my friends' write-ups. Like I said in the beginning, this should be used in conjunction with the write-ups on Stu's site.

I hope some of what I showed here will help someone along the way.

If you have questions I can be reached at dome.detour@gmail.com

November 29 2008
Tim Doumit




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