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AX15 Removal


Now we start getting into the fun part of the project. I'm not going to go into a lot of detail on the steps necessary to remove the AX15. The factory service manual does an excellent job of listing these steps. I'm just going to give a quick overview and list a few snags that I ran into.


***There is one more little step that we can't forget to overlook. Look at the wiring harness where the AX15 once was. Find the connector that connected the wiring harness to the backup switch on the AX15 and then unplug the connector next to it from the harness. This connector does 2 things. First it completes the circuit for the backup lights. Second it is the manual transmission neutral safety jumper. We need to completely remove this from the TJ for good. It provides a ground and bypasses the neutral safety switch. Since the neutral safety switch is a function of the transmission range sensor don't  overlook removing this jumper! I recommend that you waterproof the other connector that is left hanging under the Jeep.









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