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Brake Pedal


At this point we need to look at the shifter assembly and brake pedals. I started with removing the brake and clutch pedals. Boy this was a real pain! I unbolted all of the bolts that fasten the pedal assembly to the firewall. Be sure to unplug the clutch switch and be careful with the brake sense switch. From under the hood pull the master cylinder and clutch cylinders back. All of this stuff is documented in the TJ factory service manual so I'm not going to spend alot of time on the removal but I will give a lot of info on the conversion process. 


Here is a picture of the pedal assembly removed from my TJ. You can see the auto pedal that we are going to install.


Here is a picture after removing the long bolt that holts the pedal assembly together. It was interesting to find out that the pedal assembly was modular. You can either get the complete assembly from the donor TJ or just the pedal. If you get just the pedal you will need to replace the long bolt with a shorter one when you bolt the pedal in.


Here is a picture of the reassembled pedal.


And here is the finished product. You may find that the pedal does not contact the switch when the install is done causing the brake lights to stay lit. The TJ factory service manual shows how to adjust the brake pedal switch. I recommend that you look this up.

***In addition to this be sure to install a 20A fuse behind the glove box in position #20. This is the clutch interlock ignition bypass. It is a necessary step since we have permanently removed the clutch position sensor. Failure to do so will result in the Jeep not starting!






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