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It's time to deal with the cooling issues. Here is a picture of the Flexalite cooler that I purchased. As you can see it has an integrated cooling fan.

Here in Arizona cooling a big problem in the summer months. When its 115 degrees out with the AC on max the radiator and condenser are at full capacity to keep things cool. I have already upgraded every single cooling system component including an electric pusher fan.

Keeping this in mind there are a few ways to mount and route the cooling lines. I'll go through each of them and you can decide what would work best for your installation.

I chose to go with a remote cooler due to the high temperatures we experience in Arizona. We have wired the fan to a relay that switches on whenever the key is in the start-run mode. You may chose to have a manual or thermostatically controlled switch. It's entirely up to you and your needs.

Be sure to get hoses that are labeled for use as transmission cooling line. Other rubber hoses cannot handle the high temperatures that they see. I used 1/4 NPT barbed fittings and 5/8" hose clamps. 

Where you mount it is your choice. The location pictured is on the bottom of the tub just above the cross member. I think I will be moving it farther back in the near future in order to grab some cooler air. (Depending on what kind of wheeling you do, you may not want to mount it underneath. Efficiency is lost if it gets covered in mud.) Like I said earlier, this is entirely up to you.




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