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AW4 Swap into Daddy Longlegs

"How I swapped a 4 speed automatic from a 2000 Cherokee into my 1999 Wrangler"

by Scott Kruize - Avondale, Az
October 2002



Show me the swap!



Parts list

AX15 Removal

Shifter assembly

Brake pedal

Wiring Introduction

Wiring diagrams TRS - Gray 8 way plug

Wiring diagrams Solenoids - Black 8 way plug

Wiring diagrams TCM - Black 26 pin plug

Wiring - Tying into TJ harness (Part 1)

Wiring - Tying into TJ harness (Part 2)

Wiring - Pics of the harness in progress

Redrilling the output housing

Pilot bearing and bushing removal

Transfer case input gear

Bolting in the AW4

Fabricating the tranny mount

Transmission temp gauge

Getting ready to bolt up the cross member


Final steps

Test Drive!

OBD2 comments







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