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Fabricating the tranny mount plate



I found that neither of the TJ or the XJ tranny mount brackets would work. I decided to fabricate my own plate. I already had a Prothane poly tranny mount that I wanted to keep. There are dozens of ways you could do this. This is how I did mine.

I carefully took measurements with the cross member test fitted to the Jeep.  I began with a piece of 1/4" plate. I then started marking my measurements onto the plate. I decided that the right size would be 6"x10" for the plate. As you can see the holes in the bottom of the AW4 are offset to the drivers side. Take note of that when you are measuring. Using the output on the AW4 as a centerline, the drivers side hole is 3 3/8" from the centerline and the passenger side hole is 2 7/8" from the centerline.  Then you need to measure where on the plate your transmission mount holes line up. There are 4 holes in a TJ manual tranny mount. Originally I had marked all 4 holes in the plate and took the picture. In the final product I eliminated the top holes that are crossed out in green and drilled new holes in the mount as shown in red. Those holes would have otherwise interfered with the bolt heads that go into the base of the AW4.

So now we have 6 holes. The two offset holes are used to bolt the plate to the bottom of the AW4. The other 4 holes need to have some studs welded in so that the tranny mount can bolt to the plate. I had some 3/8" countersunk bolts on my shelf so I decided to use these. They have 5/8" allen heads. Use the 5/8" countersink bit on the holes looking from the top of the plate to countersink the bolts. Then drop the bolts in from the top and weld them to the plate. I came back with a grinder and smoothed out the surface. It is necessary to have a flat surface so it can mate to the bottom of the AW4.

The results should look something like this. We are now looking at the mount from the bottom side.


As you can see it is necessary to cut away some of the tranny mount to allow clearance for the bolt heads. This is why I relocated the holes in the above picture. There are two sets of holes in the crossmember. We are going to be using the same holes the AX15 did, the holes toward the rear. Here is a picture of it sitting on the cross member.






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