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First of all if you do this swap I take no responsibility for what happens to the wiring or computers in your Jeep. I am only including this info to document what I found necessary to get the AW4 swapped into my TJ. Please be very careful when doing this part. This is definitely the part that turns most people off from this swap.

I found this to be the most enjoyable part of the swap though. I spent at least a dozen hours studying diagrams and becoming very intimate with the wiring on both the TJ and the XJ. I hope to save some of you a bit of time. This section will be the most detailed part of my write-up.

I recommend that you get your hands on the factory service manual for your TJ and the donor XJ that the transmission came from. In my case that is a 99 TJ and 00 XJ. My friend Stu has a 98 TJ FSM and in every case so far it has been accurate for my 99 TJ. I also subscribed to www.alldatadiy.com for a year. This way I can print out the necessary diagrams from the XJ and TJ. The cost was $40 for both vehicles. Well worth it in my opinion.

Let's start out with the basics. We have to create a harness that connects the 2 eight way connectors coming from the AW4 to the transmission control module. We then have to tie into a few wires in the TJ harness.

If you are not good with wiring find a friend that is! I did all the research in advance and had everything labeled. From there my good friend Stu Olson comes in to make sure it didn't turn it all into a big ball of short circuits! 

Here is a picture of the harness prior to installing it in the TJ:


Stu and I decided to install the TCM under the dash on the left side of the vehicle. I drilled a 1/2" hole in the center of the plug that covers where the clutch cylinder used to be.

Now let's get on with how we built this.




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