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Piecemeal Enclosed Cold Air Intake

Here is what was done under the hood.


I used silicone 90's from the tuner crowd and exhaust tubing to tie the filter and throttle body together.  The filter required a 2 3/4" fitting and the throttle body required around a 2 1/2" fitting. 


I went with a 2 3/4" 90 off the filter connected to a piece of scrap 2 3/4" Chevy exhaust pipe to a 2 3/4" to 2 1/2" 90 reducer to the throttle body. 


K&N also sells accessories for this filter to include a bracket that I bolted at the spark plug rail.  The kit also includes the bracket for bolting down (some where)...


This is the plug I am working on to make a mold, to make the actual fiberglass scoop that will cover the cowl vent and intake. The reason I am not just buying one off the shelf?  What I see available sits up so high that one can not put the windshield down when its in place.  I personally enjoy pulling the top, doors, and flipping the windshield down from time to time.  In the above pic, it is a little hard to see, but the top portion is almost wedge shaped to help the water disperse to each side of the vent (if in fact it were to get that high).

This project took me a week of ordering, waiting for parts and for after work at night when it was cooler to work on.  I have not done much driving in it except for a spin around the block and to the grocery store....about 40 minutes in the drivers seat total. 

What I have noticed, seat of the pants....I can honestly say there is more there.  As far as real numbers, I won't even try to kid, I have no idea.  But when I stomp on it the front of the Jeep really lifts and lurches to the passenger side.   When driving like a civilized human being, I notice that I don't have to mash the skinny peddle like I once did to get down the road.  Cruising at 50 MPH, I was just barely touching the peddle.  So power and economy, it seems if you put your foot in it, there is definitely more power.  If you drive more relaxed, it would seem that there would be more economy due to little effort from the skinny peddle.  I have a heavily armored Jeep on 6" of lift running 35" tires living at about the 3,000' level.  I'm still running factory 4.10 gears and a 5 spd, also running Trail Jammers 62mm throttle body/control module, Banks header & cat back exhaust.  The Jeep goes in next week for 5.13's, so I wont get any real testing of the intake to see what kind of difference it really made in a tank of gas.




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