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Jeep Heat Dissipation Project

I have about 1000 miles on the Jeep now with the new cooler in place. Testing on the lines with the IR gun point to a 20* drop in temperature across in the input and output lines of the cooler with the fan engaged. There is not much difference to speak of with the fan in the off position. I feel that is a good thing for dealing with cold weather as oil that is too cold is as bad as oil that is too hot. What I see on road is a 4-12* drop in water temps with the fanpack fan running and while my rig will still run at 220*, it will not spike and stay at 230* for extended periods of time and we have experienced some triple digit temperatures here in So Cal so I feel that the project is a mild success.

I did not set out to drastically reduce operating water temps as every mod that I have put in place to do that has not achieved any significant reduction in water temps. What I wanted to do was build in reserve cooling capacity and I think with the fanpack, I now have that reserve. In fact, after the fanpack was installed and operating as it should, I had to go back and place foil insulation inside my rear corner as the heat reduction from the cooler caused some rather significant temperatures to occur on the rear corner. I didn't consider that to be a bad problem to have as if it was heating up my corner then it wasn't heating up my engine.


By now everyone has seen similar under tub installations of transmission coolers and this one really is no different and in fact, existed previously although with a different cooler. Being a fan of Setrab, I had tried to fit a much larger (32 row) fan driven cooler under the tub but with the rear trilink, I had to settle for a FP224M22.


This a 24 row cooler and is similar in size to the B&M that I had previously used. I believe that the benefit of the Setrab is that it's a radiator style cooler with a sealed shroud. I have not yet towed my trailer with it so I cannot report whether it is an improvement in that regard over the B&M or not. BTW, this cooler is not a standard stock item but is rather a specialty item for race applications. Setrab directed me to Weddle Industries in Goleta CA (805)562-8600 where I spoke directly with Chris Weddle and saw my cooler delivered to my doorstep from them 2 days later.

Lastly, I am a gear head at heart and while I do not currently own a hot rod or muscle car, I have always been a fan and have owned them in the past. Given that the ceramic coating business is a big deal in that realm of motorsports, I decided that it could not hurt my situation and would in fact help with heat build-up inside the cab. I have previously installed a Thermotec foil backed insulation under my carpet to insulate the inside of my cab but heat build-up was still a problem and my wife's feet in the passenger seat would get downright hot. My exhaust is custom (i.e. it runs very close to the tub in places outside the stock heat shielding) as it needs to accommodate the long arm suspension I run as well as the high out-put of my built 4.0 motor. It is also handy that I have it flanged in 2 places beyond the header so that it can be easily removed in whole or part for maintenance.


This photo gives you an idea on the coating which is a 2200* ceramic coating manufactured and applied by Embee Coatings in Santa Ana, CA.  They have all kinds of coatings for exhaust, heads, piston tops and even very thin layer clears for appearances. For the $250 it cost me, I believe it has been a worthwhile modification as floor temps are judging from the wife-o-meter, much reduced and easier on her feet.


I would like to acknowledge John Lemiuex off All 4 Wheel Drive (951-277-1037)in Corona, CA for his advice, assistance and fabrication.  If folks reading this are local to the So Cal area, please look him up for your vehicle and modification needs.

Note from Stu:
  I want to thank Robert for sharing this write-up with all of us.  Nice looking work by the way!  I look forward to hearing how all of this is working after some more good trips with the off-road trailer.



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