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FloMax 300 Fuel Filtration System

I got home from work today to find an e-mail from Don.  He had sent a PM last week and said he was getting ready to change the FloMax filter.  He promised me some photos and comments and in his e-mail was a short write-up and some photos.  I've included several of the photos here along with his comments about the filter.  I've known Don for a few years now.  He is a guy that calls them like he sees them.  If something's good, he tell you it is.  If something's bad, he won't hold back on that either.  I respect Don's opinion much more than I do most folks.

Don wrote....



After about 3 months and 3k miles it was time to crack open the fuel filter and see if it was doing its job. Now we all know that the TJs have a fuel filter in the tank along with the fuel-sending unit so this will truly be a good test of the worthiness of the product.


Getting it open without contaminating or mixing metal bits and possibly paint with the contents was the first problem. I first punched a hole in it with a metal punch, and then using a pair of snips, I opened it around the top and peeled the top back.



Then was able to remove the filter assembly. I used a sharp knife to circumvention cut in the center of the paper element to be better able to shake out any contaminates. Then I turned over the container and tapped it on the piece of white paper.

At first, I only saw a few very small dark pieces of contaminate. Very difficult to ascertain exactly what they might be (plastic, paint, metal, etc). As I ran my finger over them, I felt what I did not see, tiny particles of what felt like sand or grit. Now we are getting somewhere.


In the photo, you will see what appear to be small yellow-tan bits. This is some fluff from the cutting of the paper element and is very distinct.

Albeit may not appear to be a lot but I can assure you there is enough there to plug up every fuel injector you have.

Conclusion: This product warrants consideration by every Jeeper out there, whether it is a daily driver or a trail hound. The amount of contaminates captured in such a short time was clearly enough to cause a code and a light you don't want to see on your dashboard.




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