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JB Super Short SYE Installation


Step 14. Disconnect the wiring from the speedo gear housing. Slide the red tab outwards and then squeeze and remove the cable.


Step 15. Remove the speedo gear from the tail housing with a 13mm socket.

Step 16. Remove all bolts from the tail housing to the transfer case with a 10mm socket.


Step 17. The tail housing is held now only with some RTV. I used a dead blow hammer and screwdriver being careful not to damage the transfer case housing to break the rtv seal. Slide the tail housing off the transfer case.
Note: My instructions from JB said to leave the oil pump attached to the case. Well, I missed that part, fortunately I did not damage it on removal. It has a metal tube going into the bottom of it with can break the housing of the oil pump if removed improperly.

Step 18. Remove the 10mm 12 point bolt at the top of the transfer case.


Step 19. Remove the remaining 15mm bolts holding the two halfs of the transfer case together.


Step 20. On the right hand side there is a slot to insert a screwdriver to split the case open. Insert a screwdriver and pry carefully to break the RTV seal.


Step 21. Remove the case cover. Be careful to not the spring on the shifter fork, don't lose this. Also notice the magnet in the bottom left, remove and clean.


Step 22. Remove the rear output shaft and front output shaft as a unit with the chain.

Step 23. Remove the rear output shaft from the chain.


Step 24. Remove the large lock ring on the end. Note: This was a challenge as the lock ring pliers needed to open about a 1/16-1/8 of an inch more than they would. I managed to get it started and worked it out.

Step 25. Transfer the gears and sprocket over to the new JB Short output shaft.

Step 26. Secure with new lock ring provided in the JB Short kit. Note: I used the help of a friend and a straight screwdriver to add width to my lock ring plier tips to open it wide enough to install.

Step 27. Carefully remove the shifter fork from the transfer case.


Step 28. Insert the shifter for onto the new shaft. Be sure to lubricate the parts with ATF before install.

Step 29. Insert the new output shaft and shifter for assembly back into the transfer case being carefull to install the shifter fork correctly into the shifter plate.


Step 30. Insert the front output shaft and chain.

Step 31. Reinsert the magnet in its slot

Step 32. Reinstall the spring on the shifter fork

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