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JB Super Short SYE Installation


Step 33. Clean all surfaces of the old gasket material.

Step 34. Run a light bead of RTV around the case as shown in the picture above.

Step 35. Install the oil pump carefully onto the front of the case if it was removed.

Step 36. Carefully install the case half back onto the transfer case. Be careful to align the shift fork and and the front output shaft.


Step 37. Bolt it back together. Note: The top left bolt has a bracket that holds the speedo cable, make sure you bolt that back on.

Step 38. Torque the bolts to factory service manual specifications which on mine is (24-27 Nm or 20-25 ft. lbs.)

Step 39. Reattach front output shaft yoke and use some RTV on the threads and torque the nut to 122- 176 Nm or (90-130 ft. lbs.)


Step 40. Attach the tone ring to the rear output shaft. This is for the speedometer pickup.

Step 41. Grease the seal on the output housing.

Step 42. Run a bead of RTV around the output housing and install.

Step 43. Torque the bolts to the factory service manual specification which on mine is 20-27 Nm (15-20 ft. lbs.)


Step 44. Install rear yoke, RTV the yoke nut base and the threads, and torque to 200 ft lbs. This can be a challenge under the jeep, I had mine in 4 high and we ended up using a wrench to hold things as 200 ft lbs will turn things.

Note: failure to torque to 200 lbs will result in a speedometer with issues.


Step 45. Install Speed sensor and tighten.

Step 46. Reconnect speed sensor cable.

Step 47. Refill with ATF+4 and tighten fill and drain plugs.

You are done, depending on your gearing you may need to install a speedometer adjuster.

These are two popular choice Dakota Digital and the Speedo Healer.

Universal Speedometer Signal Interface




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