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Auto Transmission Cooler

I borrowed a vehicle and ran down to the local ACE hardware store.  I picked up 4 button head 1/4"x20 allen screws along with 4 Nyloc nuts.  I also purchased 4 plastic spacers, about 1/2" in diameter by 1" long with a 1/4" hole drilled through the length of the spacer.  The spacers will be used between the grill and the mounting brackets so that the grill metal does not collapse as the mounting screws are tightened.  I got some changed back from the $5 bill I gave the checkout person and headed back to the shop.


I roughed out the measurements for the hose and cut them to length.  I had bought about 6~8 extra feet of hose which I intend to keep in the trail spare box.  With a couple of -6AN fittings and a union, it will make for a good splice should the need arise.

I measured the distance between the two mounting brackets (about 4" in my case) and then drilled the four 1/4" holes in the grill.  The cooler was then slipped into position and the 1" long spacers were put over the screws.  This allowed the mounting brackets to be snugged down tight without the chance of crushing the grill sheet metal.  The -6AN fittings were threaded onto the matching fittings on the cooler and then everything was tightened in place.  As I mentioned earlier, I used Nyloc nuts to prevent the mounting hardware from vibrating loose.



Had I not been running short on time, I would have taken a few minutes to paint the brackets.   But it doesn't look that bad when you back up a bit and also see all of the aluminum steering components under the TJ's front end.  If I get bored some day, I'll break out a rattle can of flat black and give it a couple of quick coats.  It won't rust as it is (yet another nice feature of aluminum) so its not critical to get the paint on it any time soon.  You can just barely see the 4 button head allen screws hold the brackets in place in the above photo. 

I've had a chance to put some more miles on it since yesterday's short trip home from the shop.  I did a 70 mile errand around town today and so had a chance to get some more freeway miles and some city traffic as well.

It has made a difference.  My city temps have dropped enough that the fan cooler only cycles once in a while at the stop light.  The freeway run (about 50 miles worth) has the temps around 165~170, which is fine for the middle of a hot August day in Phoenix. 

So, that's about it for the tranny cooler move.  I'll call it a success for now until I find something proving otherwise.  I checked my AN fittings and all were nice and dry with no signs of ATF leakage. 

Good trails and remember to TREADLightly!




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