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Engine Tune-up

Lady was turning 66K miles and I thought it was past due for a tune-up.  The spark plugs had been changed at the 40K mile mark but the ignition wires were the original thing.  The throttle body needed a bit of cleaning and the rotor and rotor cap was due for replacement too.


A quick trip to the local AutoZone parts store yielded everything I needed.  I picked up some Bosch premium silicone wires (lifetime warrantee), a Wells distributor cap and rotor, and some 4412 Champion Truck Plugs.  The wires were $35, the rotor and cap were $15, and the plugs were $17.  I had a tube of anti-seize sitting on the shelf so there was no need to get more.

I won't go into detail here in regards to replacing the spark plugs.  A complete how-to for replacing your spark plugs already exists on the site.  Please refer to it for instructions on doing the plugs.  Even though I was going to be replacing the spark plug wires, I still put the spark plug boots back on each spark plug as the plug was replaced (you don't have to push the boots on very hard).


With new plugs installed, it was time to install the new ignition wires.  The pic above shows the factory wires in place.  The last thing you want to do is rip the wires off of the distributor cap and plugs UNLESS you have a photographic memory (or you take a couple of pics with your camera).....or someone was nice enough to provide a diagram of the firing order.

Remove the ignition wire that runs from the center terminal of the distributor cap and goes to the ignition coil.


One by one, I removed an old wire (orange) and replaced them with the new wire (gray).  The ignition wires come in various lengths with a couple of different connector boots on them.  As you remove an original wire, make a mental note of the path  it takes going from the distributor cap to the spark plug.  With the old wire in hand, find a match for it (length and connector boot) from the new set.  Install the new wire on the distributor cap and route it to the spark plug following the path used by the old wire.  Take your time, there's no hurry.  Don't forget to install the new ignition wire that connects the ignition coil to the center terminal of the distributor cap. 

When you are done, the new wires will be nicely routed and will look as good as the factory wires once did.

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