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Engine Tune-up

Two screws hold the distributor cap to the distributor.  I grabbed a Phillips screwdriver and loosened both of the screws.  Rock the distributor cap back and forth if it is stuck.  Once the cap is loose, lift it off of the distributor.


With the distributor cap off and out of the way, I removed the rotor from the shaft.  It is just a friction fit.  I lifted it straight up.  At that point, the new rotor was installed onto the shaft.  Note that the shaft is slotted and the rotor will only fit on it in one position. 


Next, the new distributor cap was put onto the distributor.  When it is aligned properly, one can feel it slip into position and the two screws will be lined up correctly.  The screws were then tightened. 

One by one, I transferred the new wires from the old cap to the new cap.  Doing just one wire at a time will ensure that one does not accidentally position the wires on the wrong terminal. 

Don't forget to install the new ignition wire that connects the center terminal of the distributor cap to the ignition coil. 

Well, that is it for the ignition system.  You now have new spark plugs, ignition wires, and a good rotor and distributor cap.  You should be good to go for a while.


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