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This section covers firearms and associated items.  I've found that a lot of Jeepers enjoy various forms of shooting....perhaps because they also go along with camping.....which you can all do very well together while out with your Jeep.  So, I've decided to expand the site's content and include some shooting related write-ups and information.  I've enjoyed firearms for 40+ years.  Growing up in rural Minnesota allowed me to hunt and fish during my early years.   I'm not hunting right now but in a few years when I retire and move back to Minnesota, I will be.  I still enjoy shooting so this section will cover some of that.


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People are gun owners for a variety of reasons. Self-defense, hunting, and collecting are three of the top reasons cited for gun ownership.  Omaha Outdoors has hunting gear as well as the latest Glock 43 for sale and accessories.  The original Beretta dates back to the mid 70s, but the current model Beretta 92FS for sale would be a great addition to any gun collection.  And if you are interested in Glock History, that is available too.


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