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Smith & Wesson "Airweight" Model 637

S&W Model 637 and DeSantis holster

I picked up a pocket holster, made by DeSantis, called the 'Nemesis'.  It comes in a couple of different sizes and they make one specifically for 2" J frame S&W guns (that also fits the Taurus 85 and M&P 340). 

The purpose of the pocket holster is two fold.  First, it fully covers the hammer and trigger which prevents either from being accidentally moved, snagged, pulled, etc. when you don't want that happening.  Second, the holster is meant to help break up the distinct outline of the revolver and make it look less recognizable.  You can't get past the fact that something is in the pocket (unless you have really loose fitting pants) but it could just as easily be a wallet.  For the $16 I paid for it, it does a find job.  In my 5.11 pants, it won't surprise me if you don't even notice it being there at all.

The outside of the holster is advertised as "so sticky it's almost like fly paper" which is to prevent it from being pulled out of your picket while drawing the snubbie.  While I agree that the material does seem to grip the pocket well and does not pull out of the front pocket on my blue jeans, I can tell you it is NOT anything like fly paper.  Some companies really do push the "truth in advertising" concept quite a bit.  That being said, it does remain in my pocket very well while I draw. 

Bianchi Speed Strips for .38 Special and .357 Magnum

Since I'm limited to 5 rounds in the snubbie, I picked up a couple of Bianchi Speed Strips for speed reloading.  They aren't as fast as the typical "drop and twist" reloader, but they lie very flat in your pocket unlike the others that are essentially the size of the cylinder.  You won't have any big bulges on account of these being along for the ride.

loading S&W 637 with Bianchi Speed Strips

Using the speed strips is much better demonstrated using both hands.  Unfortunately, that left me a hand short to take the photo with.....so let your imagination work on this just a bit.  You can easily position two shells in the adjacent chambers on the cylinder.  Push the two cartridges into a pair of empty chambers while lifting up and away with the speed strip.  In the above photo, one as already released itself from the speed strip and the other is about to do so.  (those are snap caps in case you were wondering what the heck kind of cartridges those were)

As with everything else, be sure to practice speed loading if you use speed strips.  There is no excuse to fumble around when the situation is ramping up....practice a lot before you need to do it for real.  I intend to use them at the range which is practice time well spent.

S&W Model 637 #5

While cleaning the Airweight (before hitting the range), I was surprised to find one of the three side plate screws loose....and I do mean loose.  Since I'd never looked under trimmings of a S&W, I removed the plate to see just what was there.  Lots of pieces and parts.....and I thought my .45 had a bunch of stuff in it. 

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