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CAMX Chaos 325 Crossbow

Now that the Chaos 325 is out of the box and ready to put a few arrows into a target, I want to comment on the fit of the crossbow.....I suppose you could say ergonomics.

CAMX Chaos 325 crossbow

The pistol grip area of the stock is pretty good.  I've spent more than a few hours wearing insulated hunting gloves and the only complaint I have is that I wish there was just a touch more room in front of the trigger.  That being said, I found I could safely manage the trigger and have filled two tags this fall while wearing my hunting gloves.  As I said, I wish there was just a little more room.  I'd venture to say that people with big hands might find this to be an issue.  The thumb hole is more than adequately sized.  The pistol grip does not have a palm swell and is very comfortable, making it equally so for right or left handed shooters.


CAMX Chaos 325 stock

A cutout area in the stock exists just forward of the butt pad.  I've found it the perfect spot to tie off the crossbow prior to hoisting it up to my ladder stand.  It is also convenient as a hand hold while the cocking stirrup rests on the ground or perhaps the tree stand platform. 

Speaking of the cocking stirrup, it is large enough that I can easily get the toe of my Sorel pack boot in it.  Another nice feature is that it is covered in rubber.  So what you say?  Well, about a week ago, as I sat in a metal ladder stand while waiting for a deer to appear, I found a good reason for it.  The stand is old and there is no shooting rail pad/cover.  As I sat there, a very comfortable position for my Chaos 325 had the stirrup resting on the shooting rail with the toe of the stock on my lap.  Had it not been for the rubber covering, there would have been a metal on metal scraping whenever it moved. 

CAMX Chaos 325 length of pull spacers

As mentioned on the previous page, the LOP can be easily adjusted on the Chaos 325.  CAMX supplies a total of 4 spacers that layer beneath the butt plate.  The package includes one 3/4", one 1/2", and two 1/4" spacers.  The proper length screws to mount any combination of spacers is also included.  The well designed spacers lock into each other when stacked which makes for a solid fit.  It is nice to be able to change the LOP as the bulk of one's hunting clothes change due seasonal temps. 

CAMX Chaos 325 home made cheek pad

One thing I learned long ago while shooting rifles was the importance of a good cheek weld.  A good cheek weld is consistently repeatable time after time.  When you quickly shoulder the weapon, that consistent cheek weld brings the scope directly in line with your eye and helps reduce parallax at the same time.  To get my eye directly behind the scope, I needed to raise the stock.  I couldn't add a Karsten cheek rest like I did on my precision rifle so I improvised.  I cut a piece of swimming pool noodle and slit it lengthwise.  It more or less clamps itself onto the ridge along the top of the stock.  It is just the right height to put my eye and the scope into alignment.  I had two pool noodles to pick from, orange and neon green.  I must have made the right color choice since I used it while taking my deer and turkey this fall.


CAMX Chaos 325 factory target

As I mentioned on the previous page, CAMX designed the Chaos 325 for hunting.  I listed a number of features that helped me decide to purchase one.  I also mentioned that CAMX guarantees 1" groups, or better, at 20 yds.  Here is the factory target for my crossbow.  I haven't ran an arrow over my CED M2 chronograph yet to verify the velocity but will do so when I get some spare time to set everything up. 

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