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CAMX Chaos 325 Crossbow

So we have a purposely built hunting bow....but just how accurate is it?  If the arrow doesn't hit what you are aiming at, you aren't going to fill the freezer with wild game.  It is rare that you might get more than one shot at that big buck....so you have to know that arrow will hit the vitals before you squeeze the trigger.


archery target with arrows

The six pack of wrapped carbon arrows that CAMX supplied with my Chaos 325 were guaranteed to weigh in at +/- .5 grains when compared to each other.  The spine indexed arrows are hand fletched in the U.S. and straight to +/- .001".  They come with field points that can be unscrewed from the  precision weighted brass inserts and replaced with broadheads suitable for putting game in the freezer. 

archery block target with arrows

Here are the same Accuspine arrows using broadheads I shot at a block target from 30 yds.  Most arrows will perform differently when switching to a broadhead, even though the field point and broadhead weigh the same.  With my crossbow, I found that the Slick Trick Standard 100 gr broadheads I've settled on shift their point of impact by nearly 2" @ 20 yds.  To fix that problem, all I do is adjust the scope to shift the point of impact back to the point of aim.  Once you know the difference between the two, it is easy to dial in the scope correction if you wish to switch back and forth between them.  I've found the accuracy of my Chaos 325 in my hands to be every bit as good as what CAMX shot on the factory target. 

But accuracy alone isn't going to put meat in the freezer, although it certainly plays a significant part.  The crossbow's form, fit, and function needs to be there as well.  You need to know that when you do your part, the crossbow will equally do its.  Did the vibration from frequent trips in my Polaris 4x4 cause a shift in the scope?  Having to second guess your crossbow (oh-oh, did I  just knock it too hard against the tree stand while pulling it up to the platform?) contributes nothing to a great hunting experience. 

The fall of 2016 was my first crossbow hunting season and I filled both of my archery tags.  I've hunted for decades using a firearm but never had to get to within 30 yds to make the shot.  Until the purchase of my crossbow, I'd never shot an arrow except as a kid using a cheap youth bow at a friend's house.  I can honestly state that I had a great time during the summer practicing with my bow and trying to absorb as much information as I could from the various online crossbow forums.  I didn't have a local mentor so I was on my own aside from support from forum members, which was great. 


Fall gobbler taken with CAMX Chaos 325

This is my 2016 fall gobbler I took at 35 yds with my CAMX Chaos 325 while waiting for a deer to walk near my Ghost blind.  The arrow passed all the way through (no surprise there), the Slick Trick broadhead slicing a big "X" right through the gizzard.  The bird flew 60 yds and hit the ground dead.  It weighed just over 15 pounds going into the freezer.  More about my turkey hunt can be found on this site in the hunting section.


2016 archery doe

This is my 2016 fall doe I took at 28 yds with my CAMX Chaos 325.  I shot her from an 8' ladder stand.  She came within a few inches of completely "jumping the string", as the saying goes.  However, she didn't quite get low enough as she went from a perfect broadside shot to a dropping hard right turn.  The arrow entered high and further back at a 45 degree angle, many inches from where I was aiming when the trigger was pressed.  None the less, the Slick Trick 100 gr broadhead did its job, breaking her back and severing the spinal cord.  She dropped on the spot.  A second arrow through her neck bled her out quickly.

In summary, I have little to complain about regarding my CAMX Chaos 325 crossbow.  Unless CAMX made the stock with an adjustable cheek rest, there is no way one stock would fit all shooters.  The trigger guard clearance is a minor issue and certainly not a show stopper.  It's been more than 7 months since I bought my crossbow and I stand by my initial decision to purchase it for the reasons previously mentioned.  I look forward to many more years of hunting and hopefully many more sessions at the table cutting and wrapping game for the freezer.




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