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Benelli SuperNova Tactical Shotgun

It really was "love at first sight" when I walked into the gun store a couple of weeks ago and I saw that Benelli SuperNova hanging on the wall.

It all started the month before I walked into the gun store.  My buddy and I had been talking about taking a Front Sight tactical shotgun class and I was trying to figure out a sighting solution for my old Savage 12 gauge street sweeper.  I was working part time at a gun shop 30 years ago in VA when I came across the Savage.  It was a trade in suffering from a case of tough love that the boss paid very little for since income tax day was approaching and some guy needed cash fast.  Since I wanted a slug gun, I bought it from my boss and took the barrel down to 18.5".  The resident gun smith showed me a few things about polishing.  We decided it needed a little something to set it apart from the rest so we took an old WWII German rifle bayonet lug, made some alterations to it, and got it to lock up with a M-14 bayonet.  A bit of silver solder and there it was, my very own custom Savage complete with a very functional bayonet.  It went into the bluing tanks after a bit of cleanup work.  I refinished the wood and the old scatter gun came out looking pretty darn good with a new lease on life.  The sights left something to be desired as there was but a front bead on the barrel. 

So there you have it....I had been trying to figure out what I could do to get some adjustable sights on the Savage when I saw that SuperNova.  I pretended not to notice it.  We were talking about other stuff when my buddy says "Hey Stu, there's a Benelli right there with everything you want."  Of course, the guy behind the counter asks if I want to see it.  Reluctantly, I said OK and that was the end of it.  I looked at another offering off the wall display but that SuperNova had already stolen my heart.  10 minutes later, I was filling out a 4473 and giving the man my hard earned dollars.  Looks like my Savage won't be getting that ghost ring setup....and that is OK....I really didn't want to forfeit the bayonet in order to install a front sight.  It looks pretty good the way it is and now it can stay that way.

Benelli SuperNova Tactical 12 gauge shotgun #1

The Benelli SuperNova Tactical 12 gauge shotgun has an overall length of 40", a barrel length of 18.5", and a weight of just 7.2 pounds.  The shotgun is built around a lightweight steel skeleton framework over-molded with a high-tech polymer.  Their is no wood.  The result is a very strong and very light firearm that is pretty much resistant to most any kind of weather you can throw its way.  The length of pull can be changed from 13 1/2" to 14 3/8" by installing one of three factory recoil pads.  The action is cycled using dual-action bars and the receiver sports a two-lug rotary bolt head that locks up steel-to-steel inside the barrel.  The SuperNova can chamber 2 3/4", 3", and 3 1/2" magnum loads.  If it says 12 gauge on the box, you can most likely shoot it in this scatter gun. 

 Benelli SuperNova Tactical 12 gauge shotgun rear sight


The Tactical sports a ghost ring rear sight that is well protected.  It should provide years of service.  The sight is easily adjusted for both windage and elevation. 

Benelli SuperNova Tactical 12 gauge shotgun front sight

The front sight, also protected by wings located either side of the sight post, is adjustable for windage only.  I don't see myself making that adjustment but will perform windage adjustments via the rear sight. (easier to do)

Benelli SuperNova Tactical 12 gauge shotgun receiver #1

The trigger assembly group is easy to remove for detailed cleaning.  It is held in position by the two pins (circled in yellow).  They can be pushed out of receiver by using the peg on the end of the magazine tube cap.  Once the trigger assembly group is free of the receiver, there is no need to disassemble it further.  You should be able to do any cleaning as is. 

Benelli SuperNova Tactical 12 gauge shotgun stock

My SuperNova Tactical employs the ComforTech system which reduces felt recoil by up to 48% (ok, that is what Benelli says and I'm not sure what they were comparing it against).  None the less, the stock has recoil absorbing inserts to help soak up the recoil.  The gel recoil pad further reduces felt recoil and a gel pad comb, available in three heights, is finished to easily slide along your cheek during recoil.  The SuperNova  comes with an adjustable shim kit (fits between the stock and receiver) that allows you to make adjustments for drop and cast to ensure a good fit for the shooter.  I can't vouch for a 48% reduction, but I do like how it feels at the range.  As for fit, it feels better throwing it into presentation than my old Savage does.


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