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Benelli SuperNova Tactical Shotgun

Benelli SuperNova Tactical 12 gauge barrel

As with most modern pump shotguns, the SuperNova Tactical's barrel is removed by unscrewing the end cap on the magazine tube.  Longer barrels can be purchased for the Tactical if you get the itch to go bird hunting.  I priced one at the store when I was buying this one and found them to be rather expensive.  I would be more inclined to just buy another SuperNova configured with the desired barrel I wanted and then have two dedicated shotguns.

There are times when you may wish to extract the currently chambered round and load something other than the next round in the magazine.  Why?  Perhaps you had loaded buckshot and now have a need to get a slug in the chamber. 

Benelli SuperNova Tactical 12 gauge shotgun magazine shell stop

Centered on the bottom of the forend, Benelli placed a small button called the "magazine shell stop".  If you push the action release and slide the forend  back an inch or two, you can then push the shell stop button (it will click) and continue moving the forend to full stroke.  This will eject the chambered round and allow you to put another cartridge in through the ejection port without it bringing a round up from the magazine. 

You could also use the above method to simply clear the chambered round and not load anything.

What do I like most about the Benelli?  It is most likely the fit and sights.  If I close my eyes and present the shotgun to my shoulder (as if I were going to shoot), I will find the front sight (when I open my eyes) within the rear ghost ring two times out of three.  It simply fits....and this is not after hundreds or thousands of practice mounts.  I noticed this the second day I had the shotgun as I was doing some drills.  It mounts to my shoulder like it was custom fit.  When time matters, this gets you on target faster and ready for business.   

I installed a Giles tactical sling to make it a bit easier when at the outdoor range.  I've not made any other changes to the SuperNova.  It's not getting turned into a tactical junk magnet....any addition or alteration will be evaluated on its own merits before implemented. 

During the next trip to the range, I'll get some photos there and try to run some slugs over the chronograph too. 


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