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Blackhawk CQC Serpa - Level 2

Blackhawk CQC Serpa Level 2 holster #6

When I first saw the paddle platform, I wasn't sure how comfortable it would be.  I made a comment about this in the XD review that I wrote.  Today, I got an e-mail from ScottyB, a reader who had seen the XD review and wanted to pass along some input. 

He wrote....
"Anyway, you were mentioning the CQC Holster. During my last Tour in Afghanistan I carried a Sig P226 in a CQC with the Paddle (as yours is setup) for 14 hours a day for almost 7 months. Can't say enough about it. Plus, nice to be able to take the holster on and off without un-belting."

Having tried wearing the paddle setup for a short period of time, and the comments I got from ScottyB, I'm convinced that it won't be un uncomfortable configuration.


Blackhawk CQC Serpa Level 2 holster #7

Speaking of carrying configurations, here is the CQC setup for belt use.  Blackhawk designed this holster to properly fit either a 1.5" wide belt or a 1.75" wide belt.  The belt platform as spacers that are removed when using the wider belt. 


Wilderness Tactical Instructor Belt buckle #1

Speaking of belts, I'm currently using the "Instructor Belt" that I picked up from Wilderness Tactical.  I chose the 5 stitch version in a 1.5" width.  It is stiff enough to fully support the holstered XD while at the same time allowing one to wear it all day at the office (already tried that less the holstered XD).   The Instructor Belt has quite a following and if you are looking for a quality product that does the job, give one a try.  You may be surprised just how much you like it.


Wilderness Tactical Instructor Belt buckle #2

The buckle end of this belt is heavy duty and when combined with the Velcro used on the belt, makes for a slip proof setup.  A titanium buckle is also available but it was a bit too pricey for me. 

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