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B&P 12 gauge Rifled Slug Review

A week or two ago, I ordered a case of slugs for some upcoming training at Front Sight.  Initial testing was promising and after running several boxes down range today, I thought they deserved their own review. 

Here are my initial comments, that I tacked onto the end of my FNH SLP Mk1 review, concerning the slugs:

I ordered a case (200 rounds) of B&P 1 oz 2 3/4" 1200 FPS reduced recoil slugs last week and had a chance to try them at the range today.  The 5 shot group came in about a half inch larger than the Federal slugs, which won't make a difference for what I'll be using them for.  They run about 15~20 cents per round less than the Federal Tru-ball slugs.  That may not sound like much when you look at a box, but this ends up saving me between $45 and $60 for the amount I need at Front sight. 

I've not run the B&P slugs over a chronograph yet but at the stated 1200 FPS, they are running 100 FPS less than what the Federal box claims.  These B&P slugs cycle my SLP Mark 1 without issue and shoot notably softer than the Federals (I tried both of them at the range today for a side by side test).  Since I'm shooting 300 slugs for the course, I'll take the softer recoiling slug.  I used the IC choke in the Mark 1....I'll probably give the modified choke a try to see what affect it has on group size.  I've already ordered another case based on the results I had today.  Why wouldn't I? 

Since I wrote the above comment, I received my 2nd case of slugs along with a case of B&P 00 buckshot.  Based on today's results, I think I'll be picking up another case of slugs since they seem to be somewhat seasonal and I don't want to run short prior to my upcoming Front Sight course.  In other words, I liked the results I saw today and will most likely be using them at Front Sight.  The price is right and today's accuracy was great. 

B&P 12 ga reduced recoil slug #1

The Baschieri & Pellagri (made in Italy) 2 3/4" rifled slugs are packed in a 10 count box, 20 boxes per case.  The stated velocity and weight on the package is 1200 FPS and 1 ounce. 

B&P 12 ga reduced recoil slug #2

The cartridge is a low brass design using a portion of the base material (blue plastic hull) as part of the head too.  This was the first time I had seen this done.....OK, I'll admit I don't deal with a large variety of shotgun shells.....just those to get me through the Front Sight courses. 

B&P 12 ga reduced recoil slug internal view

Time to dissect one of the shells.  The powder is a square flake type.  No felt or fiber wad material.

B&P 12 ga reduced recoil slug interna #2

Disregard that vertical slice in the slug.  That was from the knife I used to open the hull. 

B&P 12 ga reduced recoil slug internal view #3

The plastic wad fits well up into the interior of the slug.  I do not claim to be a slug expert and I've never played one on TV.  However, from the photos I've seen, this slug looks a lot like the more recent Brenneke design which now uses a cavity design with more lead in the forward portion of the slug (putting the center of mass well forward in the projectile).  I'm not saying the Italians did a knock off of the Germans, but it does look quite similar.  Good thing I suppose since the Brenneke slug is well known for its accuracy.  I spent some time on the Brenneke web site looking at their current product line and they are notably different than the original Brenneke slug from years gone by.


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