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CED M2 Chronograph

During my last rang trip, my old chronograph was doing everything but working correctly.  There appeared to be a problem with the digital display as only the top line was showing any data.  Also, I could not get a velocity reading regardless of what I tried.  Having used it a lot over the past years, I decided it was time to try a new chronograph.  I knew I wanted nothing to do with those that had the display and screens combined in a single unit.  The big name, Oehler, was more than I needed or wanted to spend.  After a bit of research, I decided to give the Competitive Edge Dynamics M2 Chronograph a try.  This review will detail a few things about the M2 chronograph, my first impressions, and its performance at the range.

I ordered the M2 from Graf & Sons, Inc.  They were offering free shipping along with the best price I could find.  It arrived in a few short days, packed properly in a shipping box with those packing peanuts.

CED M2 Chronograph complete

The chronograph, as shipped, includes everything needed to get you up and going in short time.  One thing I found helpful was the supplied instructional DVD.  It provided a nice description of how chronographs work and the issues one might come across in regards to environmental conditions you'll find on the range.  The DVD also included information on setup, testing, and range use of the M2 as well as a run down of its features and functions.

CED M2 Chronograph sky screen

The M2 has two sensors, one for starting and the other for stopping the chronograph.  It is important that the sensors are spaced the correct distance from each other.  A tiny error, such as 1/16" or 1/8", will result in a velocity error as much as 100 feet per second or more.  To help ensure this does not occur, the sensors are designed to mount flush to the ends of the mounting bracket.

CED M2 Chronograph sky screen adjustment knob

The bottom of the sensor has an adjustment knob (flush with the sensor) that tightens a mounting plate securely against the mounting bracket.  All you need to do is slide the sensor onto the end of the mounting bracket and tighten the knob while ensuring the sensor is pushed as far onto the mounting bracket as possible.  This is then repeated with the second sensor on the other end of the mounting bracket.

CED M2 Chronograph bracket and sky screens

With both sensors properly attached to each end of the foldable mounting bracket, the sensors are automatically spaced exactly 2 feet apart.  This is the correct distance for the main unit's (computer) algorithm for calculating the velocity which is done using v = d/t, where velocity = displacement (change in position) / time.  The start and stop sensors control a very fast and accurate timer.  It is this high speed timer that allows the M2 to calculate velocities ranging from 50 to 7000 feet per second. 


With the sensors attached to the mounting bracket, two side rails are now slipped into the two slots, either side of the sensor. 

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